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The Foothills

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Located in the southwest of Idaho, approximately 10 miles west of the State Capital of Boise, The Foothills consists of 54 individual apartments with 16 two-bedrooms units, 24 three-bedroom units, 6 three-bedroom townhouses, and 8 four-bedroom townhouses. Three handicap accessible units serve disabled individuals and families with one unit specifically designed for individuals with sensory impairments.

For the benefit and welfare of its residence, The Foothills includes a 2,500 square foot community building consisting of an office, kitchen, laundry facilities, exercise room, and an education/computer room. Picnic tables and barbecues situated throughout the property are surrounded by plenty of open space, creating an excellent setting for family gatherings. A large playground area, a basketball court, and a swimming pool provide ample opportunity for recreation. Laundry facilities face the play area to provide supervision and maximize child safety. The smart planning behind The Foothills development is a prime example of the affordable housing industry’s ability to create positive solutions.

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