Charter School Facilities Development

We support our partners at each stage of their growth strategy, and customize our services around the needs of our clients. Based on our clients' needs, we provide financing, identify promising sites for new schools, and design and build to the school's specifications. We can either serve as the developer/owner and design a flexible long-term lease with purchase options, or transfer ownership to the school at some point during development. In short, as former operators, we design our services and support around your needs. For more information about our charter school facilities services, contact us at

CEO Advising on Charter School Growth

We are a uniquely qualified partner to help you anticipate and solve the challenges of growth because of our unique combination of deep expertise in both real estate development and the opening and operating of high quality charter schools. Strategic advising with our CEO on a wide range of issues is part of the support our clients receive. This is a central component of our approach to partnership.

Our school partners also gain access to our national network of relationships with other developers, school leaders, philanthropic investors, and other school support providers. As our partner, our networks become your networks. We routinely call upon them to help us achieve our shared ambitions.

Mixed-use Development: Housing and Charter School co-location

SGP has exclusive access to the projects and expertise of our sister company, Pacific West Communities. As sister companies within The Pacific Companies, we are able to fulfill two needs for lower income families—access to affordable housing and access to a high quality, free, public education—in the same location. For more information about our charter school and housing projects, contact us at

Affordable Teacher Housing

Our unique teacher housing model is focused on communities where teachers struggle with the high cost of housing. We collaborate with local philanthropists and communities who share our concern that the high cost of housing, especially for early career teachers, is a major contributor to teacher attrition.

Our teacher housing strategy focuses on helping early career teachers, the vast majority of whom are renters. We do this by producing large-scale, mixed income apartment communities where the majority of apartments are subsidized by federal tax credits. In locations where there is sufficient teacher demand and investor support, we “convert” up to thirty percent of the apartments into affordable teacher housing during the development process—and at a fraction of the typical cost.

For more information about investing in our Teacher Housing Fund, contact us at