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The Pacific Companies is a privately-held group of firms dedicated to excellence in multifamily housing and charter school facilities. Under the leadership of president and CEO, Caleb Roope, our teams deliver across a continuum of real estate specialties including feasibility analysis, development, design, finance, construction, and asset management. Our companies include Pacific West Communities, Pacific Partners Residential, Strategic Growth Partners, Pacific West Builders, and Pacific West Architecture.

A history of accomplishments

Since 1998, The Pacific Companies has successfully completed more than 160 multifamily and charter school projects in the western states, with a special focus on California. We listen carefully to the desires of residents, local governments and other stakeholders to build communities and schools that truly satisfy. Every year since 2007, our commitment to affordable workforce and senior housing has placed us proudly in the top 50 nationally in affordable housing production.

A diverse and growing portfolio

Our multifamily housing portfolio spans numerous urban and rural markets of California and nearby states. Beginning in 2008, we expanded our strategic focus to include several new lines of business that build on our substantial experience in local government relations, managing private/public partnerships, and satisfying requirements inherent to unique, special purpose opportunities such as charter schools, inclusionary housing, and urban infill projects. This asset mix is of special interest to corporate and private investors looking for opportunities to diversify their portfolio with a proven partner.

Standards upheld

When it comes to development, we are committed to delivering— as promised, every time. That’s why we’ve built a vertically integrated organization that allows us to manage every aspect of our projects; from initial feasibility analysis, to finished product, to ongoing management. Having all necessary disciplines under one roof, we’re able to move with knowledge and agility to create highly-valued outcomes for our stakeholders.

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Financial strength

The Pacific Companies has been profitable in every year since inception, posting substantial net income even throughout the recent recession. Caleb Roope’s leadership and team building has produced a reliable and reputable partner such that The Pacific Companies is consistently sought after by debt and equity market participants who value our ethics, financial stability, and comprehensive real estate expertise.

For nearly a decade, the firm has had approximately 40 active projects at any given time, of which approximately 25 are fully sourced and in various stages of predevelopment, construction, and lease-up. Typically, 12-18 are actively under construction. As a vertically integrated enterprise, we earn architectural profits, developer fees, construction profits, operating cash flow and sale proceeds from the assets produced. While most of the income for each project is generated over a two or three year development period, focus remains on the long-term viability of each asset as evidenced by our strong portfolio metrics which exceed industry norms. Portfolio stability combined with low overhead and negligible corporate debt help mitigate business risk amid challenges in the industry and economy—making The Pacific Companies a stable and enduring enterprise.

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